Monday, November 24, 2014

Nail Fabulosity- Thermal Nail Polish Review

Hi there again lovelies! I have another review for you today. This time, I have four thermal polishes from the lovely Sherece of Nail Fabulosity. Let's take a look at what she sent me to review.

Blood Sisters, according to the maker, is a "deep burgundy/brown when cool and a vivid reddish/orange when warm." I used three thin coats and the formula was very easy to work with. This is definitely a perfect polish for the fall season! 
Nail Fabulosity Blood Sisters

Out of the Blue is described as "a thermal nail polish that changes from silvery baby blue when warm to a denim colored blue when cool." This is the only polish that I had trouble achieving the thermal effect. It's most likely due to my own body temperature not fluctuating very easily. It's been super cold up here, so I am sure it didn't help. Anyway, I really love the blue color of this one. It actually has somewhat of a scattered holo appearance. Two coats were used here and the formula was really nice.
Nail Fabulosity Out of the Blue

Ms. Understood is "a thermal nail polish that changes from a silvery baby pink to a shimmery purple/pink." I absolutely adore this one! I put it on my Sweet Pea and she loved seeing the colors change right before her eyes! I used three thin coats, but two could suffice. There were absolutely no issues with the formula or application of this one at all. I love the way the name plays on those words as well! Super cute!
Nail Fabulosity Ms. Understood

Meet Me At Sunset is a "thermal polish that is shimmery coral/red when cold and shimmery yellow when warm." It has an added flair of orange, yellow, copper, and brown metallic glitter of various shapes and sizes as well. Again, this is another polish that is perfect for the fall season! I used three thin coats and topcoat for these pictures. Application was a breeze, since the formula was practically perfect. I really love this combination. 
Nail Fabulosity Meet Me At Sunset

Overall, these thermals are really nice! I didn't have any issues with the formulas of the polishes and they are all really beautiful. Be sure to check out Nail Fabulosity using the information listed below.


  1. I absolutely love them all. 😄😄

  2. Great colors here. Love the thermal changing aspect to these.

  3. Love that pink!!!


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