Monday, September 29, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents- Geometric Nails- Look 3

I had to double up again today! For this post, I have a review of Silhouette from the newly released Milani Color Statement Collection. I added some simple touches to create my third geometric look for the Nail Polish Collaborative's Geometric Nail Art month. Let's take a look.

Silhouette is described by the brand as "a gray beige." Ummm...what?? This is nowhere near an accurate color description. I'm not sure what they were thinking with this one. Anyway, what I see here is an army/khaki green with shimmer in a creme base. The polish had a flawless application, going on easily in just two coats. It had a thick formula, but in a good, creamy, buttery way. I used two coats but one was completely opaque. The shimmer makes this one a unique shade, in my opinion.
MIlani Silhouette

MIlani Silhouette

For my geometric look, I went with a simplistic design using triangle shaped studs. I added one triangle stud to the base of each nail using a small amount of base coat. I used topcoat the seal the studs to the nail and they lasted a couple off days this way. 
MIlani Silhouette

For the ring finger accent nail, I used two of the small black triangles from the tribal nail vinyl set sold by KBShimmer. I used the same method to adhere the studs that I used with the other nails. Again, topcoat created a smooth finish and kept the nail vinyl and studs in place for a few days. All of this was on a whim, but I really like how it turned out. 
Milani Silhouette

What do you think of this look? Important information is listed below.

Be sure to check out the looks created by the other ladies as well!


  1. That grey is nice and I like how simple these are.

  2. Thank you!


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