Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Milani Color Statement Review- The Purples


Howdy Polished Babes! I have some of the new Milani ColorStatement Collection to share with you today. All of these polishes are from the purple color range of the line. As I stated previously, there are so many in this collection, so I decided to split them into color groups.

Imperial Purple is one that I already reviewed a few weeks ago. It was also featured in my interlocking nail art design. You can click here to see that post. This polish is a beautiful purple crème that went on without any issues in just two coats. It dries to a high shine, even without topcoat.

Milani Cosmetics Imperial Purple

Lovely Amethyst is a shimmery lavender with a frosty finish. This one had some formula issues. I used two coats, but even with careful application, brushstrokes were very apparent. The color is pretty, but not unique. The frosty finish doesn’t add to the visual appeal of this one at all.

Milani Cosmetics Lovely Amethyst

Ultra Violet is a purple with pink shimmer. It has a great formula, which was opaque in just one coat. I used two as usual though. I really like this one a lot!

Milani Cosmetics Ultra Violet

Sugar Plum is a magenta/purpleish/pinkish with purple shimmer. Again, the formula was great on this one as well. It was nearly opaque in one coat, but two coats were needed to covered up some sheer spots. This is definitely a win for me!

MIlani Cosmetics Sugar Plum

Mauving Forward is a mauve crème with an absolutely PERFECT formula. It is completely opaque in just one coat, but I used two. The formula was so easy to use, it seemed to apply itself. This one had an absolutely lovely shine without topcoat. This will be on my nails a lot this fall, especially if I begin working soon.

Milani Cosmetics Mauving Forward

So far my experience with the Milani Color Statement Collection has been a positive one, with the exception of Lovely Amethyst. These polishes are available at retailers throughout the country and on Milani’s Website. They retail for approximately $3.99 each.

Have a good one!


  1. These are nice. I like all the different finishes too.

  2. Ultra Violet and Imperial Purple look like the true winners of the purple category! So pretty! I've sort of been avoiding looking at swatches of these Milanis because it seems exhausting since there are SO MANY! I do not envy you gals that had to swatch them all! O_O

  3. Thank you Lisa!

  4. Haha!!! There are soooooo many! It is definitely a daunting task, which is why I am taking it slowly! LOL! Those are my favorites as well!


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