Friday, September 19, 2014

Glisten & Glow- Studio 54 Collection Review

Hey there lovelies! I hope you're having a wonderful day thus far. I have a review of the Studio 54 Collection by Glisten & glow to share with you today. If you didn't know, the brand is well known for the HK Girl topcoat, fabulous bath and body products, and as an authorized retailer for many mainstream brands. Jill has recently jumped into the indie polish game and is making herself known. 

The Studio 54 Collection consists of 5 microglitter polishes that dry to a slightly textured finish, but are super shiny and glorious when topcoat is applied. The pictures below show the polish with and without topcoat. The formulas were practically the same on all of these. I had no application issues and the glitters spread easily across the nails. You should make sure to leave ample time between coats to prevent the glitters from dragging the undried layer. I am loving the combinations of colors she included in these polishes and I know you will too!

Rudell's Bus Boys consists of primarily red toned coral microglitters in a similarly tinted base. It also had a beautiful balance of blue, gold, and silver microglitters as well. The first picture shows it  in three thin coats without topcoat and the second is with topcoat.

The Moon & The Spoon has mostly blue microglitters, along with gold, red, green, and silver in a clear base. The contrasting colors in this one give a unique and very noticeable appearance.  I think they compliment one another perfectly. This is two coats without topcoat in the first picture and with topcoat in the second picture.

Gettin' Dirty with Disco Sally is mostly packed with bright pink microglitters in a clear base. Gold, black, and fuchsia microglitters are added to create the perfect sparkling super girly mix. I used three thin coats for these photos. Again, the first picture is without topcoat and the second is with.

Dancing on Star Dust is, perhaps, the most unique mixture of the collection. I may be slightly biased because this one is also my favorite. Regardless, this beauty contains the perfect balance of lavender, pink, green, blue, black, and gold microglitters in a clear base. No one color dominates the mixture, making this one standout from the others in this collection. I used three thin coats for these pictures. The first picture has no topcoat and the second one has two thin layers of topcoat.

At the Door @ 54 is has a magenta pink toned base with a dominance of magenta microglitters. Additionally, there are gold, blue, and silver microglitters. I used two coats here. This one was slightly thicker than the others in this collection, but not problematic at all. The first picture is without topcoat and the last has two thin layers of topcoat. 

Overall, I am really impressed with these polishes from Glisten & Glow. Afterall, she is still relatively new at the nail polish creation game, but this collection, along with the other I tried (from my A Box, Indied Subscription) have all been really good. I think the combination of microglitters in this collection are very unique and there is a color combo (or two!) for everyone. I am especially fond of Dancing on Star Dust! I just love it! That's no shade to the other beauties in this collection though. These will be available September 19, 2014 at 7 PM EDT. Important information is listed below.



  1. I love those! Pretty!!

  2. So. Much. Glitter! They are all so pretty but I really like The Moon and The Spoon the most. :)


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