Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GUEST POST- Tiff's Tasteful Talons about a little MJ action to help us over this hump day?! Today we have Tiffany from Tiff's Tasteful Talons sharing a super cool manicure in honor of Michael Jackson's upcoming birthday. Tiff is another one of my Florida girls! Yeah...I know I will be missing home when this New England weather really starts to change. Haha! Anyway, check out this mani...

Hello, Polished To Precision readers! It's so nice to be here and guest post for one of my best nail buddies, Tiffany J. I have to say that Tiff J is one of the nicest, funniest, and smartest nail friends I have, and I'm glad to be in her inner polish circle. :)

For this post, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce some of you to a little tradition I have running on my blog that I started last year. As a dancer, dance teacher, and artist, Michael Jackson has been a great inspiration to me. Even though my area of dance pertains to Tap, Michael's artistry and inspiration inspired me to be the best I can in what I do. When I started my blog a year ago (yep, I'm that new!) I thought it would be a cool idea to do a week's worth of MJ - inspired manis during the week of his birthday, and asking people to paint their nails with a glitter bomb accent nail (in representation of his iconic glove) on his birthday; August 29th. So, here's one of my MJ week manis for you in the pics below. I have to say that I'm more of a nail polish appliqu├ęs/ polish strips kind of girl, so I'm just starting to get more comfortable with nail art. Go easy on me! Lol. I hope you like it!

Like I mentioned briefly above, I am an artist. I've been painting and drawing since I was a kid, and was also in the art magnet program from grades three through twelve... There's something about doing art on the nail though, (maybe it's because I've always preferred larger spaces to create art on) that is taking some getting used to for me. I know practice makes perfect, and I am sure that I'm only going to get better from here.

As my base, I used two coats of my favorite light crelly-ish pink, Sation's "Of Corset I'll Call You", then a black creme for the accent nail. I then painted on the half moons by hand, because I didn't have any guides lying around, with Essie's "Butler Please". The gold sparkly glitter you see on my accent nail and the tips is "I Herd That" from China Glaze. I did have guides for the lines you see in the X and the tips, using some straight nail vinyls. Overall, not perfect, but not bad for a somewhat nail art newbie.

So, there's my post for you all. I hope you liked it, and that you'll join me on Instagram (tiffstastefultalons ) on the 29th using the hashtag "manisforMJ" if you have any manis in mind! It should be fun! Thanks, everyone!


Thank you Tiff! I love how you pay tribute to MJ. I know how much you love him! Make sure you all check our her blog and social media accounts!


  1. This is a nice guest post. I like the blue and pink half moon design quite a bit.

  2. PolishedtoPrecisionAugust 31, 2014 at 12:42 AM

    Thank you!


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