Saturday, August 16, 2014

GUEST POST- Tamira of Lacquer Lockdown

Hi there lovelies!!! Today, the lovely Tamira from Lacquer Lockdown is here to share with us. Tamira's nails caught my eyes because of her keen eye for detail and her AMAZING Elevation Polish reviews each month. She's an absolute sweetheart and I LOVE this mani she created using my favorite colors! Thank you so much Tamira!

Hey lacquer ladies,

My name is Tamira and for those that don't know me I run a blog called Lacquer Lockdown.  It's pretty much one woman ranting over stamping nail art and obsessing over pretty polishes.  Today I'm taking over Tiffany's blog while she makes her big move.  I'll pray for her because I hate moving and it always ends in tears and bitter regrets!  It's like a bad daytime soap opera, and dishes always end up broken if not over someone's head.  In any event here I am to share some fun and summery nail art with you so let's get started!

Basecoat/ Topcoat: Duri Rejuvacote / Sally Hansen Diamond Flash
Base color: Butter London Poole & IMN Northern Lights in Gold
Stripes: Majestic Satin, Uniquely Satin, Satin Royalty
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas #3, #30 and Konad Special Polish in Dark Purple
Stamping plate: DRK-C

I would say I'm generally known for being into heavily saturated colors and layered techniques.  So for this post I decided to layer one technique over my favorite color - blue.  The base color I chose here was Butter London Poole.  It's a muted blue creme that borders on being a one coater.  Because it seemed fairly plain I ended up adding Northern Lights to kick up the oompf factor.

Outdoors - indirect sunlight

I added a simple abstract stamping over top with a gradient, and for the accent I broke out my Nail Vinyls and repeated the gradient in graduated lines.

What do you think? I really love how this turned out.! Despite how it looks this was actually a very simple mani plus I got to use some of my favorite colors blue and purple.  And so here we are one summery mani later.  Let's all wish Tiffany and her family much success on their big move, and feel free to join me over on my blog or any of my social media!  I really love sharing my love of nail art with the world in general and in fact that's how I met Tiffany!  Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll see some of you around...

Thank you so much again Tamira! I truly appreciate you sharing with us! Be sure to follow Tamira's blog by CLICKING HERE. You will love her Instagram as well... @lacquerlockdown.

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  1. This is lovely! I like the stamping so much and it goes well with the stripes on the ring nail too.


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