Monday, August 4, 2014

GUEST POST- Michelle of Manic Talons

Happy Monday Polished Babes!! Today, we are starting off the week with Michelle of Manic Talons. She is super sweet and has been a major help when I have technical issues with the blog. She understands the whole HTML coding and all of those things that I never realized went into blogging when I started! LOL! She has graciously helped me through multiple late nights and now we converse regularly. Thanks hun!

Hello lovely Polished to Precision Readers!  I’m Michelle from Manic Talons, and Tiffany invited me to guest post today!  She’s such a doll and I’m honored to be here.  My blog is primarily gel polish and nail art themed, but I’m a total sucker for holographic polishes.  Sadly, there are no linear holos in gel polish, and a girl just has to get her fix!  Thankfully, I have a few gorgeous KBShimmer holos to play with.  I was having a holo craving today, so I broke those babies out and created this simple dotticure.
Manic Talons, Black and Mint Dot Manicure, KBShimmer, Holographic Nail Art
The base is KBShimmer Stark Raven Mad.  This is an incredible, 2 coat black holo.  I think KBShimmer describes it as charcoal, but it’s black if you ask me.  I simply adore KBShimmer’s formula.  See, as a gel polish user, I have completely forgotten how to apply regular polish.  With gel you can use as many strokes as necessary to get smooth coverage.  As you know, that’s not possible with polish.  I need a formula that practically applies itself, and the KBShimmer holos definitely fit the bill.  The accent nail and dots are KBShimmer Mint-al Vacation from the late summer release.  This one is a more subtle holo, but just as fabulous as Stark Raven Mad!

I personally adore dots.  They are the perfect go-to design for an effortless, girly manicure.  I get a lot of questions about my dots, so here’s my secret: start with a row of small dots down the center of the nail.  Then add the second row beside the first, slightly off-set from the first.  Continue to the edge of the nail and then go back and do the other side the same way.  :)  I finished this mani with this cute black bow from Born Pretty Store.  Dots and bows?  Yes, Please!  It doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

The dots disturb the holo effect a little, but you can see it much better in this shot.  Of course, it pops even more in sunlight.  Sadly, as the mother of two young boys, I rarely have a chance to do my nails or take pictures during the day.  So my light box shots will have to do.
Manic Talons, Black and Mint Dot Manicure, KBShimmer, Holographic Nail Art
I hope you have enjoyed this sweet little doticure design.  I invite you to stop by my little slice of the internet at and poke around a bit.  If gel polish isn’t your thing, I have plenty of stamping and freehand nail art to show off as well.

Thank you to Tiffany for inviting me to share with you today!  It has been a pleasure.


Thank you so much for this amazing post Michelle! I love the design! Be sure to check out here blog by CLICKING HERE. You can also follow her on Instagram @manictalons.


  1. The dots are so perfectly placed! Cute mani!

  2. Your dots are so perfectly spaced and sized! Awesome guest post!


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