Thursday, August 21, 2014

GUEST POST- Amy aka McPolish

I am beat! I'm still getting used to the New England atmosphere and I just love how beautiful it is here. The air is so fresh, I have never smelled air that is this clean! LOL! Anyway, Amy (McPolish) from Polish Etc. is here with us today! I am really loving this polish she has on! Take a look below...

Hello all!

My name is Amy McG but I am better known as McPolish.  I have been a complete nail polish addict since October 2012.  After starting Instagram last spring, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of indie nail polish.  I just love all the unique color combinations and different finishes.  I especially love jellies and flakies!  So squishy and so shimmery.  So today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Contrary Polish colors, Granite.  Check it out!

Granite is a jelly based polish in a stony grey color.  It has a variety of microflakies and larger grey flake glitters suspended in this jelly.  I just love this edgy neutral nail look.  

Here is a closer look a those different little flakes.  Doesn't it give this polish depth?  Boy..I am such a sucker for a good grey jelly :)

You can check out all of Contrary Polish's beauties at and you can check out more swatches from me at and

Thank you Tiffany for letting me join in on your fun blog.  Happy Blogiversary :)

Amy "McPolish" McG

Thank you so much Amy! I am truly honored to have you here. Be sure to follow her!!

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  1. I really like that polish. Great post and thanks for sharing!!


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