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Dollish Polish & Jindie Nails- Bonnie & Clyde Duo Review

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Well Polished's Hump Day! Hopefully, we all make it safely over this hump. I am on a serious countdown for graduation, so I apologize in advance for my annoying daily ramblings about the upcoming day! Actually, I will have two graduation ceremonies. The first one is on May 1st and is the standard big university ceremony. The second graduation ceremony is on May 2nd. This ceremony is only for the Social Work students. I believe it's a more intimate ceremony, allowing for recognition of personal achievements in a manner that cannot be done in the main ceremonies. Again, please accept my apologies for all of the graduation talk over the next few weeks.

Dollish Polish and Jindie Nails have teamed up to bring us the "Famous Couples Throughout History" series. The first couple featured was Romeo and Juliet. Today I am showing you Bonnie and Clyde. This is the second couple of the series and I am loving this concept thus far. I really love how the polishes created for this duo compliment one another. Now let's see how this infamously notorious couple is depicted in the form of nail polish!

Bonnie is the creation by the awesome Dollish Polish. She is a creamy nude polish with golden shimmer and flakies throughout the base. For this manicure, I used three thin coats and topcoat for a smooth and opaque finish. The formula was good, but it applies much easier when one coat is allowed to completely dry before applying the next. I really love the look of this one in the bottle, but I did not find it flattering on my complexion. Nonetheless, the polish is very pretty and I LOVE the gold shimmer and flakies. Perhaps, I will give her another try to see if she will grow on me with time.


Clyde is the duo's contribution by the amazing Jindie Nails. He is a black crelly loaded with gold, bronze, iridescent, and green micro flakies, which dries to a matte finish. I used two easy coats for this manicure. The formula was perfect and application a breeze. The photos below show the polish in both matte and gloss finishes. I absolutely adore this polish and those flakies are ridiculously gorgeous. Although gorgeous with the matte finish, I prefer the glossy look because the flakies are really able to shine! The matte finish actually reminds me of a beautiful granite countertop.



I don't know about you, but the return of this infamous couple in the form of nail polish is a major hit! As I stated above, the polishes are perfect alone and together, they make quite a statement. 

If you are interested in taking a walk on the wild side with Bonnie & Clyde, don't fret, as your wait is not a long one. This duo will be launched on Saturday, April 5, 2014. The polishes will ONLY be available as a set. There are no individual purchases. Dollish Polish and Jindie Nails will release the duo with simultaneous launches on their respective websites. Please be sure to follow the brands on their social media outlets to stay informed about the exact time, as it has not been announced as of yet. Be sure to make up your mind early and set your alarm because these will certainly sell out very quickly. Additionally, there are a limited number of bottles available to each shop. Sadly, like the real Bonnie and Clyde, once they are gone...they are gone. Good luck!

Be sure to follow the brands on social media:

Dollish PolishFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Click HERE for the website to purchase.
Jindie Nails: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Click HERE for the website to purchase.


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