Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday- My Nail Polish Collection

Nothing to Disclose
Howdy there Polished Babes! I have been M.I.A. for real! Sigh...what can I say I have absolutely no excuse but to admit that I have been quite lazy lately. <hangs head in shame> Well, I'm back with a very different Twinsie Tuesday post for you today. For today's prompt, the Twinsies are all showing off our nail polish stashes. To be honest, I waited waaaaay too long to complete this post and nothing went quite as I desired. I wanted to do a video of my stash, but I had too  many issues with that. First, the lighting was wrong. Then, my daughter came in crying in the middle of the video. During the last try (which I thought was okay), I noticed the sound started acting up. Oh well...I really could not try it again, so pictures are what you get!

Here is my current manicure area set up. I am in the process to moving into a nail room/slash office, so this will be very different soon.

As you can see to the left of my desk, I have one "Melmer." I purchased this last week, in an attempt to better organize my stash. I quickly realized that I actually need one more and I will be completely settled! 
Yes, those are my lovely Valentine's Day cards from my hubby!
Here are both of my Helmers. I usually keep them in my bedroom closet, but as I mentioned above, I am in the process of moving. They will be safe and sound in their new home very soon!

I use snapware containers to store all of my minis. I currently have 2 and there's only a small amount of space left in one. Apparently, I need to grab another one of these when I go back to Target. I have minis from various brands including, Jindie Nails, Dollish Polish, GlitterDaze, Duh Nail Polish, Butter London, Polish Addict, and many more.

These are the two bottom drawers of the Helmers. I like to store my polishes with like bottles or boxes. I prioritize by brand and then by color, most of the time. I must admit that things are not as organized as I usually like, as I haven't been keeping up with everything as I should. These drawers have Lacquer Lust, Rainbow Honey, Pretty Serious, Illamasqua, NCLA, Enchanted, Marc Jacobs and many others on the left. The drawer on the right consists of B Squared, Polished by KPT, Liquid Sky, Glam Polish, Tillie Polish and other Indie polish brands.

The drawer on the right is one of my FAVORITES! It houses my Rescue Beauty Lounge collection (I have 6 arriving today!), ILNP, Dior, Deborah Lippman, and Illamasqua. Sigh....what a joyful sight to see! The drawer on the left has my Picture Polish, Dance Legend, Freak Show Polish, XOXO Nail Candy, and other awesome indie brands!

These next drawers have a variety of Indie Brand including, Scofflaw, Urban Lacquer, Sonnetarium, Shimmer Polish, Girly Bits, Polish Me Silly, Pahlish, Polish Addict, Black Cat, Black Luna, & Lumina. Hehe!

Here we have Lynnderella Polishes (stay tuned for a major destash sale on some of these), Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and Emily de Molly.

These are the final two drawers of the black and white Helmer. These drawers have another one of my favorite indie brands...KBShimmer. In addition, there are Dollish Polish, Above the Curve, Daring Digits, A England, and Hare Polish.
Gosh...these are such beauties!!! Here we have Elevation Polish, Wicked Polish, Colors by Llarowe, Sindie POP, Loaded Lacquer, Pipe Dream, Laquerlicious, Different Dimension and a few other indie brands.

What can I say about this drawer?!! Ahhh....well...here we have my wonderful collection of Jindie Nails and Cult Nails polishes! These are two of my favorite brands of polishes. Period. There are also some beauties from the Nail Junkie, My Ten Friends, and GlitterDaze.

Besides a few store brands, this is my entire stash. I have a trunk and a few cubes that I haven't organized yet. I will be sure to update this post and post them on my Instagram and Pinterest once I have done so. I have absolutely no idea how many polishes I have at this point. Any guesses? I plan to get completely organized and have an accurate count really soon. Take a stab at your best guess in the comments and there could be a surprise for the person who gets the correct answer or comes the closest. 

I am so excited to see the other Twinsies' stashes today. Be sure to check them out using the link below!

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  1. Beautiful collection! I'm going to guess you have around 950 polishes.

  2. I really like the paper you used on the melmer! I'm not at all surprised by this amount of polish. I'm going to guess 1561 bottles.

  3. I wish I had a whole desk for nail polishing! So awesome!

  4. I really need to pretty up my Helmers. I'm just waiting to find the perfect paper or duct tape since I have red ones. I'm guessing around 1700.


  6. MY GUESS IS 1257.

  7. So many indies!! That is polish heaven you have right there!!!

  8. AMAZING collection Doll! My guess is 2100 :)

  9. loving that glittery melmer! I neeeeed to make mine look like that!!!! it's a necessity!

  10. Nicely organized. I'm guessing 1088

  11. LOVE your collection Tiffany!!! Drool worthy ;)

  12. I love how you decorated the fronts of your drawers, they look so awesome!!

  13. This wasn't as large as I was expecting. lol! Love it!

  14. What a cute workspace and AWESOME stash! I love how you put the designs on your containers as well :)

  15. caseylanelovespolishFebruary 18, 2014 at 9:29 PM

    This is beautiful!!!! Great post!

  16. Laser Tag is really wow! lol I love it!

  17. PolishedtoPrecisionFebruary 19, 2014 at 2:08 AM

    Thank you!!! I absolutely love that one too!!!


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