Friday, February 7, 2014

Duh Nail Polish L.O.V.E. Collection

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Happy Friday lovelies! Today I have another Valentine's Day themed collection to show you. Duh Nail Polish has created 5 lovely polishes that are perfect to wear on Valentine's Day! These polishes can also be worn throughout the year and anytime you want to express a little L.O.V.E!

Loves Me Love Me Not is a light pink crelly with gold flakies. This polish is super delicate and feminine looking. The formula was a tad tricky to apply, as the base seemed a bit sticky at times. I suggest waiting for each coat to completely dry to achieve a smooth look. I used 3 thin coats an topcoat.

Reservations Only is a rose gold polish with multicolored flakies. This polish can be worn alone or layered. I chose to wear it alone, using 3 thin coats and I really love the metallic finish. It looks really fancy!

Truth About Love is a bright red jelly with holographic particles in the base. It also has medium sized black hearts. I think the red base of this polish is super sexy and it reminded me of another sexy red polish I reviewed for this brand previously. Danyl can really make some great red polishes! I chose to place the hearts on the nails as I desired. I used 2 coats and topcoat for these pictures.

You sTEAL MY Heart is a super cute, light teal crelly with turquoise, white, and purple glitters. The polish also has white hearts; however, they were very difficult to get out of the bottle. I put the bottle on its side, turned it upside down, used a toothpick, and tried fishing repeatedly and I was only able to get 2 hearts out. This is a major difference in the previous polish, as the hearts came out very easily. Anyway, this polish is still one of my favorites from this collection. I really don't need the hearts to LOVE this one. Three thin coats and topcoat were used in these photos.

This last polish is my FAVORITE from this collection. Over-Rated is a charcoal grey crelly with holographic pigment in the base. It has teal, silver, and pink glitters. I used 2 thin coats, as the formula was a little thick. It was not problematic at all. I really love this polish and these colors go together perfectly!

This is my second time reviewing polishes for this brand and I remain impressed. I am positive there is something in this collection for every polish lover and you won't be disappointed with these pretties. You can purchase these polishes in the Etsy shop, located HERE. Be sure to follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. These are all beautiful! I love how you placed the hearts in Truth About Love!


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