Monday, February 10, 2014

Above the Curve Valentine's 2014 Collection

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Happy Monday Polished Babes! OMG....I have been so sick! You may remember a few weeks ago when I told you about my husband having the flu, my boys had strep throat, and my daughter had ear and sinus infections. Ugh...well, my good luck finally ran out. Last Wednesday evening, my throat began hurting like crazy out of nowhere. I tried to toughen it out and went to my internship on Thursday. I felt like a big pile of crap. I ended up leaving early and was able to get an emergency doctor appointment. Guess what? I now have a sinus infection, ear infection, AND strep throat. Unbelievable! UGH...little germ filled kids finally got me! Haha! Anyway, I am feeling 100x better, as my antibiotics have been in full force.

Today's review is of the Above the Curve (ATC) Valentine's 2014 Collection. It consists of 4 polishes of different finishes. You have a glitter topper, shimmer, holo, and a jelly base. I love these kinds of collections where the maker gives you a little of everything. First up is You Java me Crazy, a reddish brown base with gorgeous shimmer and holo pigment. I used 2 coats, although it was opaque in one. There were no formula or application issues at all. This one is especially nice for all those shimmer lovers out there! There is absolutely nothing hidden about this shimmer.

Truly Madly Deeply is an orchid base with pink and purple colored shimmer. There's also a bit of scattered holo pigment that gives it an extra pop of beauty. I used two coats and there were no issues. I really love this color and it seems to be one that would be flattering on a variety of complexions. This is perfect for Valentine's Day and a great representation of the Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid.

Circle of Love is the collection's only glitter. It is a chunky glitter topper that's full of red, pink, white, and lavender glitters. There are large and small circles and hearts in this mix. The base is clear and has pink micro glitters dispersed throughout. This one was thick and I found it easier to lightly dab the glitters onto the nails. You may also want to turn the bottle upside down for a few minutes before applying, as the heavier glitters seemed to sink towards the bottom. It can be built up to your desired look. I chose to use a small amount of the glitters over ATC's Katy Peri-Winkle.

This last one is my favorite of the collection. All You Need is Love! WINE! has a gorgeous shimmering plum colored jelly base with lavender, pink, bronze, and gold glitters. This polish is soooooo pretty! The formula was perfect and it was nearly opaque in once coat. I used two because...well...I have issues like that! The glitters seemed to glow from within the base. GAH....perfection I tell ya. Absolute perfection.

So what do you think of this collection? I think it is a great collection for Valentine's Day. It is perfect for anytime and the colors are suitable for all complexions. These polishes are available now in the ATC Big Cartel store. They retail for $8.50 each and, as always, $1 from each bottle purchased is donated to Shriners Hospital for Children. Don't forget to follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. What am I to do? I absolutely love and want them all!!

  2. PolishedtoPrecisionFebruary 10, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    Haha! You should check out their website! They are really pretty so I completely understand!

  3. Aw I hope you get better really soon! <3
    Beautiful swatches as always!

  4. Thank you dear! I am feeling so much better!


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