Monday, December 30, 2013

Topping the Charts in 2013- Mainstream

Hello lovelies!!! Hopefully, you are continuing to have a Happy Holiday season and all is well with you and your family! Today's post is the mainstream component of my top polishes of 2013. These are in no particular order, as I wasn't even willing to attempt to tackle that part. It took me long enough to come up with these 15 polishes but, here you go!

First off is OPI A Gown Needs a Crown, a silver satin finish polish. This is a perfect silver. Not too metallic, shiny, or blingy. It's THE silver polish I have always wanted in my collection.

Zoya Dream is literally a dream! It is a vivid blue polish with scattered holographic particles in a jelly base. Yep...Zoya did that! I am sure this one will be featured in the tops picks of a lot of people.

OPI Alcatraz...Rocks! is the most beautiful textured polish on the market. Well, in my humble opinion, at the least. When OPI first came out with their Liquid Sand polishes, I wasn't a big fan, but this baby is GAWJUSS!! If you haven't tried any textured polishes, you should definitely give this one a go.

OPI A-Piers to be a Tan is a lovely caramel creme polish with an amazing formula. This was so flattering on my complexion, but I am sure it compliments others as well.

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Cinna-man of My Dreams is a stunning textured polish with a great formula. I really loved how this color looked on me!

These next two favorites come from Zoya's Summer Pixie Dusts Collection. I love both of these on their own, but they compliment one another so well. This manicure was created using Beatrix and Tomoko.

Zoya Moosheen is such a different polish! Well...for me at least! I think this one can be pretty versatile and would look great over contrasting colors. I have shown it here over Zuza.

Marc Jacobs Petra is a deep bronze metallic foil polish. This is the first polish from MJ that caught my eye and I am so glad I purchased it!

Sally Hansen Loden Green is such an amazing khaki/olive green. This is a perfect fall color and the formula is impeccable.

Butter London Two Fingered Salute is a mint green creme with copper shimmer.I know...I know...this wasn't released in 2013, but I didn't get it until this year. How can you not love this color?

Essie DJ Play That Song is the polish that truly began my love for Essie polishes. Before this baby, most of the Essie's I had tried had horrible formulas. Not this one. Besides the formula, it is a perfect neon purple creme polish. This may be one of my most frequently used bottles of polish!

Only three words are needed for the following polish... Purple. Holo. Inexpensive. That's all you really need to know! Color Club Eternal Beauty is stunning! 

OPI My Vampire is Buff is a perfect neutral shade! I love the versatility in this polish and it's perfect for undies for a variety of glitters, nail art, and as a palette cleanser.

The final polish on my list was my very first high end polish purchase. I saw this on my friend Lakeisha's blog and it blew me away. The price kept me away for a bit but I won a contest and the prize included a $25 gift certificate to Sephora. Yep...I purchased Dior Spring Ball for only 69 CENTS!

That's all for my 2013 mainstream favorites! Be sure to keep a look out for my indie favorites. I like this post because I can see my growth and improvements in photography since beginning the blog! What do you think of these? Are any your favorites as well?


  1. We shared a few of the same favorites! I need this Essie and I need to wear the MJ.

  2. AWESOME!! I love them all!!


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