Friday, December 20, 2013

Recycled Mani

Purchased by Me
Hey there lovelies!! Today I have a quick NOTD (nails of the day) post to show you how to easily recycle an old mani, creating an entirely new look. This past Monday, I was a guest blogger for Dani at From Polish, With Love and I featured a mani using Nostalgia by Polished by KPT and a nail sticker accent. What? Why are you looking like that? know what I'm talking about, right?  You did check out that post, right? You....yep...talking to you.... HMPH! Well, you can make up for it by taking a quick peak by clicking HERE. The picture below also, shows the mani in its semi-transitioning state (Nostalgia is a thermal polish).
Polished by KPT Nostalgia's where the recycling came in...I absolutely adored this mani I created and I didn't want to completely part with it so soon. So, I thought to myself..."self, what can you do instead of taking it all off?" Amazingly, I replied..."You can find another amazing polish and change it up a bit." What? Self...I love the way you think! Let's do it! I have been dying to show off some of my awesome birthday gifts that I received from my Polish Sisters and it hit me....BAM...Enchanted Polish July 2013 would be perfect with this accent. This beauty was given to me by the darling Debbie as a 30th birthday present last month. Debbie is surely a sweetheart. She knows I have been so into mints this year and I totally bombed at this Enchanted launch. Can you believe she got it for me and decided to surprise me with it as a birthday gift?! Ahhh...thanks dear!

Here I used 2 easy coats of Enchanted Polish goodiness. I just LOVE this color!

Although this is insanely gorgeous on it's own, I decided to add in another twist and knock out another untried (gotta get to using these pretties, right?!). I added 2 thin coats of Enchanted Polish Seven Nation Army, which I was super lucky to acquire in a swap on Black Friday!! Ahh...I really love this glitter! The black and white ties it altogether with the nail wrap on the accent nail.

Anyway, this was just one easy way to jazz up an old mani and do something a little different. Have you ever loved a mani so much that you weren't able to completely let it go? What have you done to recycle a mani?

Have a good day!

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  1. I love those Enchanted Polishes! Your creativeness is AWESOME!! I absolutely love your Post!! Good Job!!


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