Thursday, December 19, 2013

Incoco Nail Strips Review- Zig

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Hello lovelies! I was contacted by Incoco for an opportunity to review some of their nail strips. Incoco has over 250 designs and colors of nail strips to choose from. They offer a wide range in styles, patterns, and unique color combinations. There is surely something that will suite everyone's tastes. Here's what the Incoco website says about their wraps:

"Incoco nail polish appliqués are made of 100% real nail polish and will give you a beautiful manicure in minutes without all the hassle! Each appliqué contains a base, color and top coat for a brilliant, salon-quality manicure. An Incoco manicure lasts up to 14 days, and can be removed easily with nail polish remover. Each set contains 16 strips in varying sizes, which can be gently stretched to fit any nail size perfectly."

The design I have to show you is called Zig. This design is made of various jewel toned rainbow multicolored pattern with a shimmery finish. I really love this look! These wraps were easy to apply and took me about 10 minutes to complete.

I love how you can quickly and easily get a super chic, fun, and gorgeous mani in minutes!

I wore these for 6 days to test for their durability and here they are on day six. I decided to snap these pics with one of my lipsticks since I noticed they matched while getting dressed! Hey...not to bad after 6 days, right?

I'm really loving these strips! The design is absolutely amazing and I received so many compliments while wearing them! People asked if I had the designs done professionally and were stunned to learn that they are nail wraps. The one downside about these strips was due to the width of my nail beds. They are all approximately the same size, so I did have to play around a bit to get them to match up properly. You should stop by Incoco's website HERE and take a peak at everything they have to offer. There are also wraps made specifically for pedicures as well! These wraps retail at $8.99 and come with 16 individual nail wraps, a file, cuticle pusher, and remover wipe in each pack. I think that's a great deal!

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