Wednesday, December 4, 2013

B Squared Lacquer: Christmas & New Year's Set Review

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Hello lovelies! Today I have a wonderful new brand to review for you. B Squared Lacquer is a new indie brand created by Mia. This brand has hit the indie scene with some beautiful creations, including a wide range of polishes. With this brand you can expect to be treated to holos, crellies, jellies, glitter bombs, and glow in the dark (GITD) polishes! Exciting right? There are 8 polishes in this collection, but I am also including a review of 2 polishes from her inaugural release as well. To prevent redundancy, there were no issues with any of the formulas and HK Girl topcoat was used, unless stated otherwise.

White Lights is described as "a white crelly with holo gold glitters and a golden micro flakie shimmer." I used 2 thin coats over white undies. I really love the way the gold glitters and the white base compliment one another. This one is very classy.

Ho Cubed  is described as "a white "squishy" crelly with holo green and red dot glitters, and holo gold and silver glitters in various shapes and sizes." This one is the traditional Christmas polish in the collection. This would be perfect for parties and even Christmas day! These pictures show 2 coats with no undies.

Next up is Midnight, which is "a black jelly with holo gold and silver glitters in various shapes and sizes including dots and stars with a gold micro flakie that appears green in certain lighting." For this look, I used 2-3 thin coats. The depth of this one is absolutely stunning. The microshimmer floating in the jelly base really adds another dimension to the polish. Score!!!

Here's another shot of this beauty!

Iceberg  is "a royal blue jelly with holo silver glitters in various shapes and sizes, including dots." Of course this one is my favorite from this collection! Blue...jelly...circles...AHHHH!!! This one is packed with glitter so I used thinner coats than usual to allow for the evenness that I desired to achieve. Simply stunning!

Seriously....I couldn't take this off!! I just love it! Even my 9 year old son pointed out how "cool" this polish looks!

Holoberries  is "a cranberry linear holo with purple/blue duochrome shimmer." This is the only holo in this collection. The color is super pretty and the shimmer really makes it stand out from the usual linear holo. This baby shined to no end! I really, really, really like this color. I used 3 thin coats.

The next polish is called Glitzy, "a  holo gold and silver glitter bomb with dots, stars, square and hex glitters." Yep...a definite glitter bomb! This one is so versatile and can add sparkle to any color from your stash! I am showing it over Change the Game, "a holographic emerald green crelly" that was released with Mia's first collection. 

Next is Whoville, which was inspired by The Grinch. Whoville  is another glitter bomb and is described as "a Christmas-y and neon glitter bomb! Glitters range from dots to stars with matte neon and holo glitters." This polish is packed with multiple colors and can be worn to add a burst of color to any manicure. I am showing it to you lightly dabbed over Purple Unicorns, " a holographic purple crelly with a magical green shimmer." 

This purple is magical!

The final polish to show you today is the GITD that I mentioned! I'm super excited because this is my first time successfully capturing a GITD polish!! Yay for me! Anyway, Radioactive Snow  is "an iridescent glitter topper that has flakies and other glitters that shift from purple to blue and has a purple shimmer and holo dust. Glows in the dark blue!" I used 2 coats over Holoberries for these photos and I really love the way it looked, even when it wasn't glowing.

And here she glows....

Perhaps, I still need to work on focusing a tad better for the GITD pics, but I am happy! This polish seriously glowed, which completely astounds me! 

In all, this collection by B Squared Lacquer is great! Mia is definitely making her mark, as this is an awesome achievement for a second collection. All of these polishes can be purchased HERE. The prices currently start at $7 for a full sized bottle, while they're on sale. Be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @miadillpicklenails for information on new releases, sales, and other information. 

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*


  1. I am in love! I want! Wish list items! Perfect Christmas gifts from a daughter to her loving mother! (hint hint)

  2. PolishedtoPrecisionDecember 9, 2013 at 11:11 PM

    Thank you!! LOL!

  3. your swatches are amazing!


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