Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yayo Nails with Baby Polished to Precision

Hello lovelies!! Today I have a very special post for you!! I am so excited to feature my Kendi Pooh, aka, Baby Polished to Precision in her first blog post! My Kendi LOVES nail polish, or "nay powish" as she calls it. This is one of the things that I constantly dreamed about upon finding out I would finally have a daughter! I mean, I love all three of my little blessings, but there is something truly special and unique about having a daughter. Along with the ponytails, cute clothes, cute socks, and bows, comes the joy of watching her delve into common interests with her mommy. It is truly fascinating to see her digging through my polish bins and helmers, searching for that perfect polish to create her manicure. More often than not, the polish digging adventure comes to the same end..."yayo."

What is yayo? Well...yellow...duh! This girl has an obsession with yayo that has impacted various aspects of our worlds. From "panyees" (panties) to "pi sickees" (popsicles) to "powish." This girl truly loves herself some "yayo." You wouldn't even begin to believe the drama that was caused in my attempts to dive into the big girl world because of a United States shortage of yellow panties in a size 2T. Really? No one sells yellow panties. I searched...literally. I asked friends in Maryland, Kansas, Michigan, and Georgia (we live in Florida) to help me on the quest to find "yayo panyees." No luck. After finally giving up, I happened to be cruising the panyee aisle in Wal-Mart and BAM...there they were! A package of 10 panyees with 2 mostly yayo pairs! Ahhh.....

Anyway, today's post is dedicated to a manicure that was inspired by Kendi's yayo mani from Sunday. Please be advised, I have encrypted and watermarked her photo, if you decide to use her manicure idea for yourself...no problem, but please give her credit. This mani was done using Sinful Colors Unicorn, which is a pastel yellow creme polish that she picked from Walgreens herself. She used approximately 4-7 coats, give or take a few. I'd say most likely give a few! She did not use topcoat because she is really into the textured trend and that's the look she was trying to achieve.

As you can see, this is a very unique manicure idea and I am so happy to say my daughter is solely responsible for this look. Without a doubt, she is truly innovative and can really think outside of the box...or nail...or cuticle. Her talent knows no bounds. Again, if you decide to recreate this look, please give her proper credit.

Now here is my portion of the inspired look, where the default color was, well...yayo. My mani encompasses both aspects of her creation, yayo and texture. I decided to have a little fun with my mani as well! For inspiration (as if my Sweet Pea weren't enough), I looked to the amazing Marta of ChitChat Nails. As you may already know, she is the queen of skittlette manicures. Her combinations of stamping, studs, cremes, textures, nail decals...AAHHHHH-MAZING! For this look, I started with 3 coats of Nicole by OPI Lemon Lolly from the Gumdrops collection, which I applied to my pinky and index fingers. I used 2 coats of Cult Nails Faded for the middle, thumb, and ring fingers.

Next I added dots to the middle finger using Orly Black Vinyl (black creme) and Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion (yellow creme/shimmer). The next step was to add the "Love/Infinity" stamp from BM-404 using Orly Liquid Vinyl. I topped it all with HK Girl topcoat.  The stamp really shows the significance of the mani and the post with my Baby Bop (yep...she has like, 30 nicknames!). Of course, as her mother, I have infinite love for her and there is NOTHING in the world that could ever change that.

I really love the way this came together and the way these colors complement one another!

So that's all from the Polished to Precision babes today. I hope you enjoyed the feature from Baby Polished to Precision. Be sure to keep an eye out for more manicures, techniques, and a variety of looks from this up and coming nail polish addict. Again, feel free to recreate her idea, but please, please give her proper credit.

Have a good one!


  1. he he! I love this post! it's adorable! Kendi can sure rock that "yayo" :)

  2. Yayo is my favorite color too, my living room is covered in it! Lol I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing the cuteness :)

  3. I absolutely love that yayo!! Great post!!

  4. Your manicure turned out sooo beautiful... and the photos of the tiny hands all 'dolled up' are ultra cute too. I have been privately dreading the day my girls ask to paint their own nails-lol... I can just see a spilled bottle and tears (mine) lol. Great post :D


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