Monday, November 25, 2013

Loaded Lacquer Review

Press Sample
Hello all!!! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a good weekend! I am gearing up for my last few classes of this semester and I am so ready for it to be over! May can't come fast enough. Graduation. Yes! I seriously need a break from school and during that time, I'm hoping my brain cells will regenerate. Geesh...I'm totally fried here!

Anyway, today I have a brand new indie line to show you!! Exciting right? should be! If not...get there! Haha! Loaded Lacquer is a brand new indie brand that just released its first collection about one week ago. Heather has seriously...I mean seriously....started off with a BANG! Let me tell you, this lady has thought of every detail! Her labels, packaging, website, shipping speeds, customer service, and yes....the polishes are THE BEEZNEEZ! Sorry...I'm a tad corny! Well, I will be showing you two of these new pretties today and I have 5 more to show you at a later time! Ya ready? Here we go....

First up, is the beauty called Bathtub Time Machine, a clear based glitter bomb with loads ( in her name! hehe) of glitter including, large black dots, metallic silver shreds, black rectangles, neon pink, blue, green and red multi-sized hexagon glitters. This one is a glitter lovers dream! I used one coat over a lime green creme polish. One coat of HK Girl was enough to smooth this baby right on out!

Do you see this? The combo is perfection!

I added the neon star studs to give it a twist, but this polish really doesn't need any help. In fact, I am still wearing this baby right now. Yep...riiiiight now!

The next polish is called Vintage Metals, which is another clear based glitter bomb with a combination of gold, silver, bronze, gunmetal and rose gold hex and dots.  As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it! I was stoked to see that it was included in my review package! For this manicure, I used 1 thin coats over OPI Bubble Bath. HK Girl topcoat was used to close the deal.

I really love this combination! It is truly stunning!

I wanted to get a little creative and the look this glitter put me in the mood for a good jelly sammich. No I didn't go and stuff my face at this point, I sammiched this baby up and the transformation was remarkable. Take a look...

I added the studs to bring out the vintage colors that are in the glitters. I really LOVE this mani so much! I mean...can you tell?

Ahhhh....behold the beauty!

So what do you think? I am so excited that I have the opportunity to work with Heather and her new brand. I am sure she will be great and Loaded Lacquer will become a staple in the indie polish community. Heather's polishes are creative, fun, and very versatile. Application was easy on both of these and I have no issues to report! Heather is a shipping genie because I received the package on the second day after she notified me of shipping! Isn't that awesome?!  Be sure to follow the brand for details on new releases, sales, and other exciting her shop HERE. <<<<< missed it...go back<<<<< Also, follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. You can check her out  Keep those eyes peeled for the other polishes I will be featuring soon!

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*


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