Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home For The Holidays Collection by Above the Curve

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What day is it? HUUUMP DAAAY! Happy Wednesday Folks! Oh and it happens to be Thanksgiving Eve as well! LOL! Anyways, today I have a review of a brand new collection from Above the Curve (ATC). This is my first opportunity to review this brand on my blog, but I have been a customer for sometime. If you don't know about ATC, the company is owned by a husband and wife, Shawn and Angel. Here is a description that is listed on one of their sites:

"We are a husband and wife team who love to make polish together! When I was 12, I was diagnosed with a severe case of Scoliosis. I had a 72 degree curve and my spine was making my ribs twist into my heart and lungs. I had to have a rushed surgery to fuse my spine. We were sent to Shriner's Hospitals for Children and they did my surgery for free!! They saved my life! Without them I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband and have my 3 beautiful children! We have always wanted to repay them and help raise awareness and funds for Shriners Hospitals For Children as well as raise awareness for Scoliosis! Hence the name Above The Curve

$1.00 of every bottle sold is donated to Shriner's Hospitals For Children."

As you can see, this husband and wife team are absolutely amazing! They are truly nice and generous people and their company reflects their values. Today I have the Home for the Holidays Collection, which is scheduled to be released on November 29th. More details will be provided at the end of the post. First up is Poinsettia for Mom, "a wonderful red that seems to be glowing inside." This polish is a shimmering reddish/orange color. I think this is a great red that gives a different twist to the traditional red of the holidays.

This is just...WOW!

Yule Be Home for the Holidays  is "a beautiful red berry wine color with gold shimmer and flecks throughout." Two coats and topcoat were used for these photos. There were no problems with the formula. I really love how the gold shimmer peaks from under the berry base. This polish seems so sophisticated.

Holly Mistletoe & Tree's That Glow  is "a gorgeous green holo that also has a little something extra in it." This polish is a stunner! I used 2 coats and no topcoat below. The formula was excellent and the polish has just the right amount of pigmentation for a great color payoff. Anyone looking for a great ya go!

There's Snow Place Like Home!  is described as "a lovely white filled with all kinds of shimmer and a lot of texture when it's dry. Like fresh snow gleaming in the sun!" This polish is really pretty. Unfortunately, the beautiful shimmer would not come out and play nicely with my camera. The shimmer is very apparent in person but it just would not show up in the pics. Trust me...very beautiful. I used 3 thin coats because the formula was rather sheer. I attempted to leave it without topcoat to experience the texture finish, but it seemed to take a long time to dry. I will definitely try again for the textured look soon. I added topcoat and this is what I got!

Crimson Time at Home!  is described as "a beautiful purple/wine with a sprinkling of holo. Stop. Seriously. Just stop. This baby is GAWJUSS! YES! Overall, this is a complete win in my book! The color is AHHH-MAAA-ZING. I really could've gotten away with one coat but we have discussed my obnoxious behaviors before...I NEED at least two coats or something's just not quite right with me! LOL! Anyway, I digress. Two coats were used and no topcoat. If you can't already tell, this is my favorite from this collection. Hands down.

It looks a tad duochrome-ish here! Love!! 

The last polish I have to show you is the only glitter of the collection. Merry & Bright is "a mix of circle glitters in a variety of sizes, in a shimmering clear base." Now y'all know I love me some circle glitters! Score! This glitter bomb has pink, blue, red, gold, silver, green... it's a rainbow in a bottle. This polish is shown as a topper on some of the other colors from this collection.

So there you have it! What do you think about this collection? I think it's great! Each polish is beautifully made and there were no application issues. As I stated above, my favorite is Crimson Time at Home. It is absolutely perfect in every aspect! Other standouts for me are Yule Be Home for the Holidays  and Merry & Bright!  You won't go wrong with anything from this collection. This collection will be available on Friday, November 29th. Make sure you follow ATC on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the shop HERE

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*

Have a Happy Hump Day and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jindie Nails Greener Than Ever-Green

Press Sample
Hello all!! Today I have swatches and a review of Jindie Nails' A Box, Indied exclusive shade for the moth of December. This shade is exclusive to Llarowe's site for the subscription boxes. The December box will be available for purchase on December 1st. If you aren't aware of this deal, you definitely need to check it out. The concept is very simple...

A themed monthly subscription box containing 5 exclusive full sized polishes from 10 collaborating indie polish makers.  These polishes will not be offered elsewhere. Polish makers will rotate into each month's offering and each month will contain 5 different polishes from 5 of the 10 polish makers.  Each month's box will be packed in a black gift box labelled "A Box, Indied".  The indie polish makers involved in this collaboration are:

Black Cat Lacquers
Different Dimension
Dollish Polish
Ethereal Lacquer
Freak Show Polish
Jindie Nails
Liquid Sky Lacquer
Polish Me to Go
Wicked Polish

Geener Than Ever-Green is a sparkling green jelly base with holographic shimmer. The formula was slightly thin, but that is to be expected for most jellies. There were no application issues at all. I used 3 coats and HK Girl topcoat for these photos. 

I really love the way this polish can be layered to achieve the desired color payoff that you want. The shimmer is just enough of a touch to add a sense of class and a wow factor. I really like that this shade is a bit more subdued and not just like yo face! Hahaha!

This polish will make an excellent manicure throughout the holiday season and it can also be worn all year. So if you're thinking that super holiday themed polishes and colors aren't for you...this would be a great choice. If you just can't live without the bling of glitter, an accent nail with gold or silver glitter would be perfect.

As I stated before, this polish can only be purchased in the December A Box, Indied from Llarowe. Each box will cost you $50, which isn't bad if you consider that you will receive 5 exclusive/limited edition shades from these wonderful indie polish brands. The December box will be available to purchase on December 1st. Click HERE for more information on purchasing and availability. Also, be sure to follow Jindie Nails on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Also, check out Llarowe's website HERE and follow @aboxindied on Instagram for information and swatches on the other polishes that will be included in the December box.

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*
Have a good day!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Loaded Lacquer Review

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Hello all!!! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a good weekend! I am gearing up for my last few classes of this semester and I am so ready for it to be over! May can't come fast enough. Graduation. Yes! I seriously need a break from school and during that time, I'm hoping my brain cells will regenerate. Geesh...I'm totally fried here!

Anyway, today I have a brand new indie line to show you!! Exciting right? should be! If not...get there! Haha! Loaded Lacquer is a brand new indie brand that just released its first collection about one week ago. Heather has seriously...I mean seriously....started off with a BANG! Let me tell you, this lady has thought of every detail! Her labels, packaging, website, shipping speeds, customer service, and yes....the polishes are THE BEEZNEEZ! Sorry...I'm a tad corny! Well, I will be showing you two of these new pretties today and I have 5 more to show you at a later time! Ya ready? Here we go....

First up, is the beauty called Bathtub Time Machine, a clear based glitter bomb with loads ( in her name! hehe) of glitter including, large black dots, metallic silver shreds, black rectangles, neon pink, blue, green and red multi-sized hexagon glitters. This one is a glitter lovers dream! I used one coat over a lime green creme polish. One coat of HK Girl was enough to smooth this baby right on out!

Do you see this? The combo is perfection!

I added the neon star studs to give it a twist, but this polish really doesn't need any help. In fact, I am still wearing this baby right now. Yep...riiiiight now!

The next polish is called Vintage Metals, which is another clear based glitter bomb with a combination of gold, silver, bronze, gunmetal and rose gold hex and dots.  As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it! I was stoked to see that it was included in my review package! For this manicure, I used 1 thin coats over OPI Bubble Bath. HK Girl topcoat was used to close the deal.

I really love this combination! It is truly stunning!

I wanted to get a little creative and the look this glitter put me in the mood for a good jelly sammich. No I didn't go and stuff my face at this point, I sammiched this baby up and the transformation was remarkable. Take a look...

I added the studs to bring out the vintage colors that are in the glitters. I really LOVE this mani so much! I mean...can you tell?

Ahhhh....behold the beauty!

So what do you think? I am so excited that I have the opportunity to work with Heather and her new brand. I am sure she will be great and Loaded Lacquer will become a staple in the indie polish community. Heather's polishes are creative, fun, and very versatile. Application was easy on both of these and I have no issues to report! Heather is a shipping genie because I received the package on the second day after she notified me of shipping! Isn't that awesome?!  Be sure to follow the brand for details on new releases, sales, and other exciting her shop HERE. <<<<< missed it...go back<<<<< Also, follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. You can check her out  Keep those eyes peeled for the other polishes I will be featuring soon!

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Down the Bayou Lacquer: It's Christmas Time in the City

Press Sample
Happy Saturday lovelies!!! I hope all is well! Is everyone getting ready for the upcoming holidays? We are definitely almost in full swing holiday mode here! Today's post bring us right into the holidays, as I have the first Christmas polish collection review on the blog! Exciting right? Even more exciting is that I am reviewing polishes from a brand that has not yet been featured on Polished to Precision. Down the Bayou Lacquer is owned by Jodi, a super sweet and creative lady from the South. You know I'm a southern girl too! This collection consists of 5 polishes that truly capture the essence of the holiday season. Jodi provided pictures and descriptions of her inspiration for each polish, which will be posted below. I'm sure you will like what she has created.

Snow Covered Street Cars
Snow here in the Deep South is a rare thing, but every once in a while we are blessed with the sight captured in this photograph.  This shot of a New Orleans streetcar, also known by the New Orleans natives as trolleys, was the total inspiration for this golden shimmer topper. The trolley’s golden yellow light, as it shines through the snowy haze, inspired the golden tones, while the dark green and red trim resembles the specks of glittery holiday delight.

Snow Covered Street Cars has an off-white shimmery gold toned base. It also has green, red, and white glitters of different sizes. This polish was rather thin, so 3 coats were used to achieve the look below. I took the pictures in different lighting so you can see the golden shimmer in the base.

Direct Lighting
Natural Lighting

Maison Blanche Department store was first opened on Canal Street in New Orleans in the 1950’s by a German immigrant.  The stores name, in French, means White House.  The French language and German owner is just one of many examples of the melting pot of traditions that make up the area of Southern Louisiana.  The department store began a tradition known as Mr. Bingle.  Mr. Bingle was a precious, fun, fictional character that natives came to know as Santa’s helper. The snowman became the mascot of the department store and still remains a part of the pop culture at Christmas time in New Orleans. The fun nature of Mr. Bingle inspired this shimmery winter color.

Jingle, Jingle, Mr. Bingle has a shimmering light blue base with silver, white, and black glitters dispersed throughout. Again, the formula was slightly thin, so 3 coats were used for the manicure below.

One of the most spectacular events in the country, the Celebration in the Oaks, is held in New Orleans City Park. Thousands of twinkling white lights decorate the city park’s naturally beautiful landscape of oaks and moss covered cypress trees.  The event leaves no part of New Orleans tradition uncovered, with many special Christmas displays and unique blends of flavor found only among a Cajun cuisine. With the mild winters of Louisiana, this outdoor event is a perfect family outing during the Christmas season.

Celebration in the Oaks has a really pretty green base with silver and gold shimmer. To top it off, there are multiple sizes of silver and gold glitters, which create a perfect combination. This polish is really close for my favorite of the collection! The green is the perfect color....I just LOVE it! Two coats were used for these photos.

Long ago, before the levee systems down the Mississippi River existed the massive waterway was used as transportation. The many canals off the river were dark, making it difficult for Cajuns to find their homes late into the night. Huge bonfires were lit to guide these families home safely. Once the levees and roadways were built, there was less need for the great flames.  Now tradition has it that the bonfires are needed to guide the way for good Ole Papa Noel.  Still lit every Christmas Eve on the levee of southern Louisiana, the bonfires gold and red flames inspired this beautiful topper.

Bonfires on the Levee is a clear based glitter topper with reg, gold, and white glitters dispersed throughout. Now this one my FAVORITE. Hands down. I mean, the versatility is astonishing. I chose to layer it over two different colors to show you how it can bring any polish to life. Another good thing about this one is that it doesn't scream holiday, so you are not stuck without it for the remainder of the year!
Undies: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Undies: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
You can't tell me this isn't a gorgeous combo! Gah....delicate and intriguing at the same time!
Seriously. I mean..really? Wow...this combo is everything. This gives you the WOW factor and really allows the glitters to pop against that bold base.

Caroling in Jackson Square
The sounds of caroling are in the air on the last Sunday night before Christmas Day at the St. Louis Cathedral. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the amazing church draws in locals and visitors alike to join in the singing of Christmas Carols by candle light.  This event, occurring every year for 58 years now, inspired this polish of traditional Christmas colors.  

The final polish I have to share with you is called Caroling in Jackson Square. This one has a pale/minty green base with white, red, and green glitters. The formula was thin, so three coats were used below.

Well...that's all I have tor bring you from Down the Bayou Lacquer. Overall, the collection works really great together and is extremely cohesive. Jodi really took the time to think through every detail! I really like that. Thankfully she provided the pictures and descriptions, as the area appears to be so rich with history and culture, others are able to get an idea of the inspiration for the polish. 

Important info: All of the polishes had fairly easy application pertaining to the formula; however, there were issues with the brushes in a few of the bottles. I have already contacted the owner about this and I am sure it is a simple fix. Dry time did appear to take several minutes; however, the use of my favorite (HK Girl topcoat) left these babies dry in no time! The collection will be released today so please be sure to follow the brand on social media for important updates, release information, sales, etc. You can find the brand in the following locations: FacebookInstagram, and Etsy.

Please note: All of the photos and descriptions presented (except my nails...duh!) were provided by Down the Bayou Lacquer for inclusion in this post for descriptive purposes only. 

From Jodi: Down the Bayou Lacquer is not affiliated with any of the above events or companies mentioned.  All stories mentioned were simply inspired by the hidden treasures of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The pictures provided were searched on Google and I did not personally take them nor do I own them.

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*

Good day!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laquerlicious New Year's Collection Review

Press Sample
Hello lovelies!!! I hope you're having a fabulous week! This has been fairly eventful week for my family, school, and the blog. There are so many things going on , especially with school...These next 2 weeks can't come soon enough. I am in need of a serious break! Great semester is a very smooth ride, ending in graduation at the beginning of May! So excited!

Today I have a review of 2 polishes from the indie brand Laquerlicious ( 'C' in the name). These polishes are from the New Year's Collection, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow, November 22nd. I will provide additional info at the end of the post. Confetti Aftermath is a beautiful glitter bomb with a incredible mix of colorful glitters. I get it all, gold, black, pink, and blue! This is a very densely packed glitter, which applies best using regular application, along with the dabbing method for a smooth glitter dispersal. For these photos I applied one coat in a regular polishing method, allowed it to dry for a few minutes, and then dabbed the second coat to get the glitter bomb look you see here. One coat of HK Girl topcoat was able to smooth this baby out in no time!

I mean...this is really fun and the name is absolutely perfect!

I really loved this combo, so I decided to add a matte topcoat to see the transformation and I love the outcome. Unfortunately, the matte effect doesn't translate into the pics very well. I guess it's partially due to the super shininess of the glitters. Just trust me on this looks great matte!
Here's a macro shot...just look at those glittahs! AHHH...

Next I have Out With the Old, a holo glitter topper with purple, teal, blue, and silver circles and stars. I used two coats over white and dabbed on the circles and starts for a uniform dispersion.  Topcoat was used and the shine is just ridiculous!! Seriously. See for yourself...

I just can't get enough of this polish! You may want to be careful when you wear this one, as it is sure to be a distraction to you and others who are around!

Sorry (well not that there are so many pics, but I tried to capture this under different lighting and using different angles to show exactly how gorgeous it really is.

Here's a macro...crazy gorgeous, right?!

So what do you think of these two polishes? I think these are both amazing and they will definitely help you stand out during your New Year's festivities. I can't really pick a favorite because they are so different and I truly love them both! Laquerlicious can be purchased HERE. These polishes, along with the others in the collection, and the Christmas collection polishes will be launched on November 22nd. Be sure to follow Laquerlicious on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for details on release dates and times, special offers, and new polish information.

*Products in this post were provided for honest review*
Good day!

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