Friday, September 6, 2013

Polish Addict Nail Color Review

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Hello Lovelies!!! Today I have another review for you. These polishes are brought to you by Laura of Polish Addict Nail Color. Laura has a TON of beautiful handmade creations in her shop. Polish Addict offers everything from nail polish to nail care, glitters to holos, crellies and jellies, and everything in between! I am sure you will love the beauties I have for you today.

In order to be sure I am not redundant, I will say it here. I used HK Girl Topcoat by Glisten & Glow wherever topcoat is mentioned. The formulas on each of these was great, any additional information regarding individual application is noted with each polish. Let's get started...

First, I have Tutti Frutti, a raspberry pink crelly with purple and blue micro-shimmer, pink squares, and multiple colored hexes. This is a really cute pink for polish addicts of all ages!! I used 2 coats and topcoat.

Tutti Frutti
I must admit, I am really not a pink girl, but this is really cute! This is one of those that can easily transition to different settings!
Polish Addict Tutti Frutti
The next polish is called Pretty Zombie, a pale pink crelly base with loads of multiple colors and sizes of glitters. It also has blue and yellow micro-shimmer, squares, and pink hearts!!  What more could you ask for? Even with all of this going on, application was still smooth and easy! This polish was more on the sheer side, so 3 coats were used for full color payoff.

Pretty Zombie
Again, being the anti-pink girl that I usually am, this is another that I would not mind rockin' at anytime!

Polish Addict Pretty Zombie
The next polish is Cupcakes & Sprinkles, a light purple crelly base with teal and pink holo circles, pink and white squares, small pink bars, and varying shapes of glitter in these same colors. I used 2 coats and dabbed some of the larger circles to achieve the placement I like. I LOVE THIS POLISH!!

Cupcakes & Sprinkles
I seriously think Laura found a way to dive into my dreams and create this polish for me! Once you get past all of the creepy thoughts in my brain, this polish is what was left!! I love it! A+ in my book!

Polish Addict Cupcakes & Sprinkles
The last polish I have for you today is called Glitter Hangover. I love that name!! Anyway, this is the only glitter topper I was sent to review. Glitter Hangover is a clear based glitter bomb loaded with yellow and blue micro-shimmer, white and black bars, white, pink, and blue hexes, large black, yellow, and blue translucent hexes, and I am quite sure I missed something! Needless to say (although I just did), this polish has a little of a LOT going on! I applied 2 coats and dabbed on the larger glitters.

Glitter Hangover
I wanted to show how the polish would look over different colors, so I used white (pinky), silver (ring), metallic gunmetal (middle), and black (index). I did have to do some fishing for the larger glitters, but that is expected with this type of mixture. It was not problematic and only minimal fishing was needed.  I think this a great glitter mix! It can be worn over a variety of undies to achieve different looks!

Polish Addict Glitter Hangover
All of the polishes I received from Polish Addict Nail Color are truly amazing!! Be sure to check out her store HERE. Currently, the shop is closed for vacation and will reopen on September 20th. For updates on releases, sales, giveaways, etc., follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

** Polish Addict Nail Color featured in this post were provided to me for honest review**

Hope your Friday is perfect!!

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