Friday, September 27, 2013

Guest Post- Lakeisha from Refined & Polished

Hello lovelies!! Today I have the first post in a mini series of guest bloggers. I have SOOOOO much going on right now and I really want to keep you all in the loop. In addition to the rigor of my normal life, this week has been full of dental surgery, doctors appointments, my aunt passed away on Wednesday, and today my baby girl has surgery. What now? I know... my Kendi has been through so much in these short 2 years of her life. Today she is having her adenoids removed, which should improve her breathing and speech. This leads me to our guest blogger for today...

Lakeisha from Refined and Polish is MY GIRL!!! Lakeisha comes up with simple, elegant, and refined ( fitting) color combos and nail art. She also pairs her posts with fashion and she has a very keen eye! This girl is KAUTE!! She has inspired and assisted me in the starting of my blog and she is always available for tips and advice. Most importantly, Lakeisha and I have become friends. She is a darling, very talented, and a successful speech pathologist. She has been very helpful in providing support and her professional opinion with issues faced by my Kendi Pooh. I am so thankful that the nail community has allowed us to come together in so many aspects of our lives. Furthermore, she is a fellow NOLE!! Go FSU!

Hey dolls! I run a little corner of the nail blogosphere called Refined and Polished. It's my pleasure to provide a guest post for Tiffany, my little blogging protegee! We've become great friends over the last year and I love seeing Polished to Precision blossom. Tiffany knows that my go to nail art consists of polka dots and striping tape. I decided to switch things up, since I knew that's what she would be expecting. I haven't done a jelly sandwich in a few weeks and I really wanted to do one that was dark, but included a lot of sparkle.

This look started with two coats of Zoya Frida, a gorgeous teal jelly. Next, I added two coats of Cirque French Roast, a fine brown shimmer in a clear base. For the sparkle factor, I added one coat of Cult Nails Center of Attention, a rose pink and yellow gold glitter. Finally, to complete the sandwich, one more coat of Zoya Frida was added.

I adore the way this jelly sandwich looks. All of the different sizes of glitter give it so much depth. I've never seen anything like it, which is why I love creating my own jelly sandwiches. You get the indie-esque look using polishes you already have at home. I always love to merge fashion with nail polish and teal is definitely a shade I'm looking forward to wearing more of this fall. If you'd like to see more of my looks, feel free to check me out on Refined and Polished, Instagram, or Facebook. Thanks again Tiff and I hope you like this look!

Teal + Pink


  1. Thanks for having me! I know all will turn out well today. It's already done!

  2. Beautiful!!! I love that!!

  3. I knew you'd like this look!!!

  4. Thank you so much love!! I appreciate you so much!!


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