Thursday, September 5, 2013

31DC2013 Day 5: Blue Nails

Hello Lovelies!! Today is Day 5 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge. I attempted to do a little nail art today using striping tape and a reverse gradient design. Here we go...

I started off by creating a gradient on my pinky and index fingers using 2 holo polishes from indie brand DIFFERENT dimension. Missi, the owner, is so creative and extremely talented. I used 2 coats of Excelsior, which is a whitish/greyish holo with multicolored linear holo. I then created a gradient using Homeboy, a gorgeous neon blue with a scattered holo effect. I allowed these to dry and added my HK Girl Topcoat. Sorry...I forgot to take pics of each step...
Next, I added 2 coats of DIFFERENT dimension Never Grow Up to my ring and middle fingers. Application was really smooth and easy for this polish. I also added HK Girl Topcoat.
Never Grow Up
To complete the reverse gradient striping pattern, I added the striping tape to my index and pinky fingers in a crisscrossed pattern. I then sponged the gradient in the opposite order than what was originally applied to my nails. Again, I apologize, as this would've been far more helpful if I had taken sequential pictures.
While the polish was still wet, I removed the striping tape from each nail and added HK Girl Topcoat.

The last stop was to create a completely different accent nail on my thumb. For this, I used 2 coats of Excelsior. I then added round neon blue studs from Pueen Cosmetics. I used four studs to create a diamond shape on the nail and then added topcoat.

Macro Shot...

Although this skittlette combines various techniques and polish finishes, I think it all comes together really well. It is a really fun and different look for me, especially since I am still experimenting with nail art and attempting to develop some creativity! I really hope you enjoyed today's post!

Please let me know if you are participating in the 31DC2013 challenge! I would love to see what you come up with each day!

Have a good one!


  1. Love this!! I need to get caught up with Days 4 and 5 today so I can be on track for tomorrow haha!!

  2. Thanks Dani!!! HAHA! It's a lot of work and definitely a challenge when you have little kids!

  3. That's different in a pretty way!!


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