Thursday, September 19, 2013

31DC2013 Day 19: Galaxy Nails

Hello Lovelies!! Today's challenge really tested my ability to step outside of my comfort zone. I am happy that I attempted it, but I definitely need more practice with this type of nail art. To assist me in creating this manicure, I used an awesome tutorial by The Nailasaurus. This blog is run by a super sweet and very talented young lady from the United Kingdom. I am sure you will find multiple looks that you would love! Additionally, she has some awesome tutorials and her creativity is amazing! Here we go...

I used SOOOOO many polishes for this mani, so I will just list them here:
- Bondi Botanical Beauty (base)
- Illamasqua Milf (mint green)
- Zoya Piaf (shimmering metallic yellow)
- Zoya Jo (periwinkle blue w/shimmer)
- Butter London Fishwife (turquoise & sage holo)
- Elevation Echinops (lavender holo)
-Sally Hansen White On! (white...duh!)
-HK Girl Topcoat (quick dry/high gloss)
-Pure Nail Polish Simplify It! (matte topcoat)

I started with 2 coats of my base polish, Bondi Botanical Beauty, a soft pinkish lilac creme with a perfect formula. Here it is without topcoat. This polish truly shines on it's own.
Bondi Botanical Beauty
I then followed each of the steps (although not as precisely) provided in The Nailasourus' tutorial. I decided not to show and detail each step, since there is NO WAY I could even come close to the amazing job she did on this mani and tutorial.

Here is what my finished product looked like with the glossy finish topcoat...
Galaxy Nails (glossy)
Here is the mani mattified...
Galaxy Nails (matte)
Although there is definitely a lot of room for improvement, I am pleased with my first attempt at this type of nail art. What do you think? Have you ever done a galaxy nail art mani?
                          Glossy                                                                             Matte                                         Do you prefer the matte or glossy finish with this mani? Let me know in the comments below.      



  1. Looks absolutely wonderful :) I need to try this pastel version.

  2. I love the way this turned out Tiffany! I did a galaxy mani when I first started blogging and to-date it is one of my favorite works of art yet! Isn't The Nailasaurus awesome? I love the way she explains each step in tutorials, you can't get any easier than that!


  4. Thanks hun!

  5. Thank you! Please share if you do!

  6. Dani, I completely agree!! She really rocks and her nails are always perfect! Thank you hun!

  7. Thank you!!!

  8. FAR OUT!! (I'm lame I know) LOL you did an amazing job on this!! you should have seen my terrible attempt on this about 2 years ago, you'd laugh & laugh! LOL


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