Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013 Day 13: Animal Print

Hello lovelies!!! Today's 31 Day Challenge theme is animal print nails. Let me just put it out there...I HAVE NEVER DONE ANIMAL PRINT NAIL ART!!! Oh my....

I decided to attempt a leopard print freehand manicure and then realized I had no clue how to actually do it! So I went digging in Chalkboard Nails' Blog and I found this handy dandy tutorial on creating this design! I started with 2 coats of A England Tristam, a deep blue scattered holographic polish that is nearly opaque in one coat! I just LOVE this!!!
A England Tristam
This polish is GORG....macro baby!!!
A England Tristam Macro
As instructed in the video (haha!), I added dots (using a dotting tool)  in random cluster patterns over each nail. I used OPI Liquid Sand Solitaire for this portion. I outlined each cluster with a black polish and added topcoat.

Pretty simple, eh? Well, I LOVE the color combo, but I think I messed up on one important aspect of Sarah's instructions...I used the LARGE end of my dotting tool, instead of the smaller sized she specified. AHHH....

Anyway, I am pleased enough with this to post the mani. I don't consider it a dismal failure, but it is not a total success either. Hey...this is a learning experience for us all!! Next time, I will use smaller dots for my clusters and space them out more across the nail.

Have you attempted any animal print nail art? What's your favorite?



  1. They're gorgeous Tiffany! Can't believe they're your first attempt at animal print - awesome! I'm totally addicted to animal print, its always my quick fix design if I'm in a hurry :)

  2. You did an awesome job

  3. Thank you! I am glad you like the design. It was easier than I expected, so I will definitely try it again really soon.

  4. Thank you!

  5. I absolutely love it!!


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