Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink: HARE Polish Edition

Hello Lovelies! I am so sorry if you came and check for a post on yesterday. I was soooo tired fro everything happening lately with my daughter's health issues. So I offer you my deepest apologies in my 2 year old Kendall's voice..."I so sowwy. Otay?"

Today I have some beauties from an indie brand called HARE Polish. Nikole make some beautiful densely packed jelly based glitter bombs. I have two of the most recently released polished to share with you today. These polishes are both from the Tropics Are Calling: Late Summer 2013 Collection. 

First up is Flight of the Flamingos, which has a light gray jelly base that is packed with brightly colored pink squares and hexes. The is also gold glitter and shimmer added for extra depth. I used two coats and topcoat for these photos.

Flight of the Flamingos

Isn't it a soft and feminine looking polish?! I think it's very pretty!

Hare Polish Flight of the Flamingos
Here's the final shot of this beauty!

Flight of the Flamingos

Next I have Neon Palm, which is a darker grey jelly base with multiple sizes and shapes of neon pink glitter. There are also multiple sizes of copper glitter and shimmer. I used 3 coats  and topcoat to achieve the desired opacity and depth that this one offers.

Neon Palm

I really, really, love this one!

HARE Polish Neon Palm
The only think that could've made this an absolute winner for me, is if the pink glitters were actually purple!!!! Ahhhh....I think I'd literally faint!

Neon Palm

Overall, I love both of these polishes. You can check out HARE Polish's site here, Facebook, Etsy Store, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a Happy Humpday!


  1. Very pretty color! Good Job!!

  2. I'm sorry your little one wasn't feeling well :-( Something is going through our house too so we're all feeling pretty crummy. I don't have a post for today or yesterday. I love both of these, especially Neon Palm, I'm a sucker for anything pink and grey!!

  3. Athanasia KauffmanAugust 29, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    Wow I so need these! Very pretty!


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