Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cameo Colours Lacquers

Hello again lovelies!!!

Today I have 2 polishes from a new to me brand, Cameo Colours Lacquers!! Both of these polishes seem to be made just for me! I LOVE the "squishiness" (no...not a real word!!) of jellies and I go CRAZY for circle glitters!! These cameos are the epitome of my polish dreams...sigh....

**In order to avoid redundancy, I used my FAVORITE topcoat, HKGirl by Glisten & Glow, for each of these manis.**

First up is a polish that has one of the most creative names I have ever seen. "Hex-Sea and I Know It." (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...Yeah!) Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I will try to concentrate on this post but now the song is stuck in my head! LOL! "Hex-Sea and I Know It" is a vivid blue jelly with various sizes of neon pink, lime green, and blue hex (duh!!) glitters. I used 2 coats and two coats of topcoat.

Hex-Sea and I Know It
Check out the depth of the glitters! They really look like they are floating in water!

Hex-Sea and I Know It
I decided to add double accent nails. To bring out the green glitters, I added 2 coats of Zoya Mitzi to my index and pinky fingers. Zoya describes Mitzi as a "funky murky light yellow-toned green creme with a velvety matte finish. A new edgy, fun, bright type of matte for a retro mod look." Mitzi delivers!! I love the matte look of this polish, it adds great detail to the shiny squishy look of 'Hex-Sea and I Know It.'

Hex-Sea and I Know It & Zoya Mitzi
The next polish from Cameo Colours is called "Hexes and Ohs." Again....I love the name, it's so creative. This one is full of my favorite...CIRCLE GLITTERS!! This is a glitter topper filled with various sizes of circle glitters in neon pink, yellow, black, and silver. These are all floating in a shimmering holo silver base. I applied one coat of "Hexes and Ohs" over 2 coats of Zoya Trixie.

Trixie is shown here alone. It is a shiny and very metallic silver foil.

Zoya Trixie (no topcoat)
Hexes and Ohs over Zoya Trixie
Here's another shot...i just love this combo!

Hexes and Ohs over Zoya Trixie
Again, I decided to add double accent nails. This time I added China Glaze Texture in "Of Coarse." This is a vivid and bright blue, it dries to a textured finish. It really brings out the blue circles in the glitter. I really like the contrast it created.

Hexes and Ohs & China Glaze of Coarse
Overall, I really love both of these polishes from Cameo Colours Lacquers. I look forward to seeing beautiful creations and creative names from this brand in the future.

Which of these do you like best? Do you like jelly bases and circle glitters too? Tell me your thoughts below!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Athanasia KauffmanAugust 6, 2013 at 11:11 AM

    Great manis tiff! They both look great on you, but Hex sea really does!!

  2. I really like the Zoya. Very pretty.

  3. I need Hexes and Ohs IML stat.

  4. Tiffany, That is absolutely beautiful!!


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