Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mentality Rascal & Born Pretty Studs

Press Sample

Hello Lovelies!! I hope you had a fantastic week! I am so excited to show you today's looks! Let's get started...

The nail polish I am featuring today was sent to me for review by Mentality Nail Polish. This indie brand is known for it's beautiful collections, awesome variety, and great prices! This polish is called Rascal and it described as a "black matte with a very subtle shimmer." I used two coats and no topcoat. The application was amazing!! The formula was great, highly pigmented, and very smooth. I REALLY love the brush that comes with this polish. It is flat and wide (not too wide though) and made application so easy, especially since less strokes were needed to achieve the desired opacity.

I love that this is black but not too black. I hope that makes sense to someone other than me! Ha!

This is so versatile, it can transition from day to night or work to a night out on the town.

Now here's the macro...I just love this polish!

Because sometimes I am incapable of leaving well enough alone, I decided to spruce it up a bit. After a short, slightly weird conversation with myself, I decided to add some color!! (hehe) I used studs that were provided for review from the Born Pretty Store. These are vivid neon studs that came in six different colors (blue, yell0w, green, pink, purple, and orange) and both square and round shapes. Each stud is 2mm and perfectly sized for any length or nail shape.

Mentality Rascal & Born Pretty Store Studs
I placed each stud on the nail using a very small amount of nail glue. They can also be applied using a topcoat or basecoat. They were really easy to use and I had no issues with applying the studs.

I love the way the neon colors pop against the matte of Rascal.

To provide a fun look, I alternated the colors on each nail, while changing the position of the squares, so they'd appear more diamond shaped.

Overall, I really love the outcome of this look! Mentality Nail Polish Rascal  and the Born Pretty Store studs are both wins!

Mentality Nail Polish can be purchased HERE and HERE!! Also, be sure to follow the brand on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Currently, they are celebrating their birthday and offering a 20% discount on all orders of $30 or more. Use code: Mentality when checking out. If your purchase is $30 or more after the discount is applied, you may receive a free bottle of Not For Sale, a limited edition polish that will be provided while supplies last. As always, with Mentality Nail Polish, SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

Don't forget to visit the Born Pretty Store as well! They offer a variety of products that are of excellent quality and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!! Isn't that awesome?!! The studs shown in this mani can be purchased HERE. They came in a package of 400 for $5.99. You can't beat that price! Don't forget to use my discount code EQL91 to receive an 10% off. You can also follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Let me know what you think of this look below!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

La Bella Vernice

Press Sample

Hello Lovelies and Happy Friday!! We made it through the week...whew! I am so excited to share with you some polishes that were sent to me for review by Roni of La Bella Vernice. All of the polishes she sent are super gorgeous, application was a BREEZE, and the packaging is to die for!! Check out these pretties...

I am a sucker for packaging and cute boxes, so these stole my heart immediately! OK, let's talk polish!

La Bella Vernice
First, I have Jozzi Bug. This is an amazingly sparkly blue/aqua holographic polish. This baby is truly gorgeous and shines bright with and without topcoat. As I stated above, application was a breeze. I used 2 coats for these pictures, but it was nearly opaque in one!
Jozzi Bug
Look at that holo shine!
Jozzi Bug
Sorry but I couldn't stop snapping pics of this one!
Jozzi Bug
Last one!!
Jozzi Bug
The next mani was created using Birthday Girl. This one is a clear based glitter topper that is packed with multiple sizes and shapes of red, blue, pink, and yellow neon glitters. This is so fun and would be make for a super manicure for any birthday girl to wear on her special day! I used one coat of Birthday Girl over Jozzi Bug to achieve this look. I love the way the blues compliment one another and the other glitters just POP!! This combo is a definite win! I used HK Girl Topcoat to complete the look.

Birthday Girl over Jozzi Bug
I know what I will be wearing on my birthday!
Birthday Girl over Jozzi Bug
I love the mix of glitters and my matte topcoat was just staring at I added it and I LOVE it this way as well!!
Birthday Girl over Jozzi Bug (matte)
So the next polish caught me by surprise!! I thought I was losing my mind as I began to apply it. Why you ask? was changing colors right before my eyes! HAHA! So to prove to myself I am not absolutely nuts, I checked the info Roni sent me and sure enough...this baby is a THERMAL!! In the interest of full disclosure, I have no experience with thermal polishes as I swore I'd never use any. That all went out the door when I applied Feeling Shameless. This one is an ultra holographic thermal polish that transitions between blue and purple.

This is the way it looked as I began to polish my nails. My body temperature (98.6...I guess) caused the polish to apply in the blue state. This is one coat with no topcoat.
Feeling Shameless (1 coat)
Here it is with two coats at about the time it became clear to me that I am not coo coo!
Feeling Shameless (2 coats)
At this point, I began to notice to transition to purple, which you can begin to see in these pictures.  The polish is a beautiful sparkling holo! Look at the shimmer! Gorgeous right?
Feeling Shameless
Next, I ran downstairs (literally) to my kitchen and put my hand in the fridge. As my hubby looked at me (eyes wide open, wondering what's wrong with his wife), I snapped away pics in my refrigerator!

Feeling Shameless
It looked as though it was getting darker, so to speed up the process, I picked up a pack of ground beef (I know I sound like a total weirdo!) and held it for about a minute. This is what the polish looked like after a full transition to freezing. LOVE!!!!!!

Feeling Shameless (full transition)
All I can say is, Roni totally changed me into a thermal polish lover! This actually worked really well for me since I am always cold. I wore it to class and was able to watch my nails change colors and freak out some of my classmates!! HAHA!

The last polish I have is called Tinkerbell. This is a cool holographic shimmer and glitter mix. It is sheer and I feel it would be best layered, so I added it to Feeling Shameless! I used 2 thin coats and topcoat.

Tinkerbell over Feeling Shameless
Doesn't it really sparkle?!! I really like this combo! It's awesome because the addition of Tinkerbell to Feeling Shameless, DID NOT prevent the thermal effect from working.

Tinkerbell over Feeling Shameless
Stunning...simply stunning!
Tinkerbell over Feeling Shameless
Overall, I really love this brand! This is my first experience with La Bella Vernice and I look forward to continuing trying Roni's beauties and showing them to you. You can purchase La Bella Vernice >HERE< The full size (15ml) are $10 and minis (5ml) are $4.50. You can follow the brand on Facebook to keep up with new collections, sales, and stock information. Currently, there is a Labor Day promo for free shipping on orders $40 or more. Use code: FreeShip when checking out!

*All polishes were provided to me for honest review.*

Happy Friday Lovelies!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dior Spring Ball

Hello Lovelies!!! I hope all is well so far this week! Now that we've gotten past Hump Day, the rest should be smooth sailing right? Haha...right...I wish! Today I have my one and only high end polish to show you and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

I first saw Dior Spring Ball on my friend and fellow nail blogger, Lakeisha from Refined & Polished and I fell in love with it. (Click HERE for her post and you will see why) I immediately placed it on my wish list. As I battled my inner shopaholic vs. polish addict vs. rational being on whether or not I should spend the big bucks ($24 geesh), I found out that I won a nail art contest that was sponsored by Jindie Nails!! Exciting right?!!! Well, one of the gifts happened to be a $25 gift card to Sephora! Guess what again? Yep...Sephora sells Dior nail polish! Yippee!!! So I was actually able to purchase the polish for only $.58 out of pocket!! Yep....I scored a Dior polish for 58 cents!!!

Anyway, Spring Ball is a peachy/coral color with golden shimmer. I love the brush shape and size on this polish. It has a wide, flat, and slightly rounded tip brush. There were no issues with application but I used 3 coats to obtain the desired look. I added my usual topcoat but dry time seemed to be a tad slower than I am used to. Otherwise...ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!

Dior Spring Ball
Dior Spring Ball
Gosh....I seriously cannot explain how much I really love this!! To complete the look, I added gold studs from Winstonia Store.

Dior Spring Ball
I think I could've used slightly larger studs but I love the way the studs accentuate the golden shimmer in the polish!

Dior Spring Ball
Overall, I really like the completed look and I am so happy to wear my first high end polish!

Do you own any high end brands? There are a few others I'd like to try but whew.... those prices!! Let me know what you think below.

Have an awesome day!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink: HARE Polish Edition

Hello Lovelies! I am so sorry if you came and check for a post on yesterday. I was soooo tired fro everything happening lately with my daughter's health issues. So I offer you my deepest apologies in my 2 year old Kendall's voice..."I so sowwy. Otay?"

Today I have some beauties from an indie brand called HARE Polish. Nikole make some beautiful densely packed jelly based glitter bombs. I have two of the most recently released polished to share with you today. These polishes are both from the Tropics Are Calling: Late Summer 2013 Collection. 

First up is Flight of the Flamingos, which has a light gray jelly base that is packed with brightly colored pink squares and hexes. The is also gold glitter and shimmer added for extra depth. I used two coats and topcoat for these photos.

Flight of the Flamingos

Isn't it a soft and feminine looking polish?! I think it's very pretty!

Hare Polish Flight of the Flamingos
Here's the final shot of this beauty!

Flight of the Flamingos

Next I have Neon Palm, which is a darker grey jelly base with multiple sizes and shapes of neon pink glitter. There are also multiple sizes of copper glitter and shimmer. I used 3 coats  and topcoat to achieve the desired opacity and depth that this one offers.

Neon Palm

I really, really, love this one!

HARE Polish Neon Palm
The only think that could've made this an absolute winner for me, is if the pink glitters were actually purple!!!! Ahhhh....I think I'd literally faint!

Neon Palm

Overall, I love both of these polishes. You can check out HARE Polish's site here, Facebook, Etsy Store, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a Happy Humpday!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mainstream Monday: Zoya Gilty

Hello Lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend! As you already know, I was in Jacksonville (my hometown) and I attended the Eagles vs. Jaguars NFL game! It was so much fun! We had field passes and I was waaaaay to close to some of my favorite football stars! <insert googly eyes here>I have some awesome pictures as well! I had a wonderful time with my husband, cousins, and friends at the events on Saturday.

Today is a very special's my mother's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mama! I was so blessed to have an awesome woman as a mother. She showed me how to be a strong woman, a wonderful mother, and how important persistence and determination are to success. Most of all, she showed me the meaning of truly unconditional love, as she has loved and supported me at times when I may not have deserved it. I love her dearly and I am so happy to have her as a mother and friend!!! MUAH!!!

Today's post I have a pretty simple combo using 2 beauties from Zoya Nail Polish. If you haven't figured it out yet, Zoya is one of my absolute FAVORITE mainstream brands. They consistently create polishes with awesome formulas, pigmentation, and great lasting power. For this look, I started with 2 coats of Zoya Raven. This is a nice black cream with a great formula. A very basic black that is sure to be an asset to any collection.

Zoya Raven
Again, simple and beautiful!!

Zoya Raven
To complete the look, I added 2 thin coats of Zoya Gilty. This is an 18kt gold topcoat. It has little flakes of real gold leaves!!!

Zoya Raven & Gilty
I love the simple and refined look of the gold flakes!!

Zoya Raven & Gilty
I really hope you like this look! Again, it's simple and fun at the same time! The gold flakes allow for an adding pizzazz, without being overwhelming.

Have a great start to your week!

Please join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to my mother!!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

GlitterDaze: American Royalty

Happy Sunday Lovelies! I am still in Jacksonville visiting family! Hubby and I attended a pre-season NFL game with our favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles versus Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday and had a blast! Nope...not a Jags fan, even though I was born and raised in Jacksonville!

Today I have a beauty from GlitterDaze Luxury Lacquer. American Royalty is a special USA themed polish that was released at the beginning of this summer. This is a light blue crelly base that is a total glitter overload!! It has white stars and bars, shreds and multiple other shapes and sizes of blue, red, and yellow glitters. This is a really fun combo and despite the amount of glitter packed into this polish, application was great and I had no issues. I used 2 coats and topcoat.

American Royalty
American Royalty
I decided to add an accent nail. I used Zoya Piaf on my ring finger and added dots with OPI The Spy Who Loved Me and My Boyfriend Scales Walls. 

Honestly, I redid this accent nail so many times, I lost count. I don't know what I was shooting for, but this is not it. Unfortunately, I am still not completely satisfied with the outcome. win some and you lose some! :( just came to me! This accent nail looks like a stoplight. Or a red eye. I don't know but it's starting to creep me out a little!

Check out this macro of American Royalty to get our minds away from that disaster!

GlitterDaze American Royalty

I really love this glitter combo! GlitterDaze has so much to offer! Their packaging is extremely cute as well! You can check out their entire product line HERE. Also, follow the brand on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Happy Sunday!

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